ALTOONA, BLAIR COUNTY - Police might have a break in a missing person cold case dating back to the late nineties.

Sherry Leighty went missing in 1999; Altoona police recently asked the public for help. Monday State Police were searching for her body in Huntingdon County. A judge granted them a search warrant for the 150 acre farm on Curfman Road in Warriors Mark. The property belongs to Kenneth Leighty. They're looking for the body of Sherry Leighty who was Kenneth's daughter-in-law.

Last year, Altoona police renewed their investigation into Sherry's disappearance. Her son told police that he heard several times his mother was buried on this property under an outhouse nobody used. Police also say family members told them that Kenneth had groped Sherry when she was sleeping. And Kenneth told police he drove sherry to work and said they were both working on the day she disappeared. But police say they found that neither was working that day.

Friday, police recorded a phone conversation where they say Kenneth Leighty admitted to accidentally killing Sherry, and said the body was at his property in Huntingdon County.
Police say when they questioned Kenneth he attacked them and said you're not taking me anywhere. Police arrested him for that assault and he's in the Blair County Prison. But they haven't charged him in connection with sherry's disappearance.

According to the state police search warrant, they're searching his property for anything that's connected to her.